Animal Liberation

Image by Phil Hearing

A Right to Live

If animals are capable of feeling pain, pleasure, fear and joy,

How can our taste pleasure be worth more then their life?

Unfortunately due to social conditioning most humans animals don't look at the flesh on their plate as a once living, breathing, sentient being.  They see it as a product, not an animal. 

Through education I hope to make you question your decision to eat animals when there is no justifiable reason to, and help you transition from being an animal abuser, to living a cruelty free life.

I have included in this section some of the most honest videos I have ever watched, documentaries and speeches that have opened my eyes to the standard exploitation practices within Australia's animal agriculture industry.  Please be warned these videos are sometimes graphic, and always heartbreaking.


I have also linked websites and facebook groups that can help you on your journey, together with information on how you can join animal rights movement Queensland, go vegan and start living a life of compassion.