Living Kindly

A Right to Live

If animals are capable of feeling pain, pleasure, fear and joy,

How can our taste pleasure be worth more then their life?

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Living Kindly is not about eating a Plant Based Diet.  It is an ethical way of navigating life without exploiting non human animals for their meat, milk, eggs, honey, feathers, fur or fins.  


It allows you to stop abusing animals by expressing kindness and compassion for all species.

From beauty products to homewares, yoga mats to premade food, the things you use in your everyday life shouldn't come at the cost of another's. 


In this section you'll find the reasons why I choose to live a vegan life, as well as honest reviews on products I've tried and love to help make your journey a little bit easier!

To learn more about transitioning to a Plant Based Vegan lifestyle visit and sign up for their 30 day support plan.