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For all stages of your Meditation & Yoga journey.  

Yoga isn’t just a series of physical poses, it’s a lifestyle practice that gives you the tools to consciously cultivate your life.

After many years developing my personal practice I decided to pursue my teaching credentials. I wanted to give back to yoga and my community, to share the magic of yoga with those who may not yet have discovered it.

We spend the majority of our life removed from the natural environment, hidden away inside our cars, our workspace, our home.


To combat this I decided to hold classes outdoors as much as possible.  Nature has many proven mood elevating properties and most of all I want you to feel good while you are practicing yoga!

To learn more about the classes I offer visit or click below to read about the benefits of yoga and meditation.  For class passes, meditation mala beads, affirmation cards and pure essential oil perfumes visit our online store