Moon Goddess Circles

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Moon Goddess

Connect, Learn


Join us each month as we work with the moons cycles to create a life we love

Are you ready to dive in & make some lasting, positive changes in your life?


Have you forgotten what it feels like to connect with & trust in your intuition?


Do you want support on your journey?

Have you ever looked at the moon and felt a connection?

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When I decided to create these workshops I had one goal in mind, to bring women together so they could connect and start making their lives one they loved, one they didn't need to take a holiday from, one they work up in the morning to full of Joy and Excitement.


After holding space for women outside and hearing the struggles they faced in just getting out the door, I knew I wanted a way to come together, no matter where we were located and what life threw at us.

My connection with the moon has been longstanding, and knowing difference my life has undergone since I began working with her, I wanted to share that magic with others.

Each month we meet both online and sometimes in person to discover new aspects of our true self and manifest our desires within a safe, nurturing and supportive space.

These circles are part of our Monthly Moon Cycle Events and compliment beautifully with the Candlelight Yoga and Singing Bowl Meditations.

Spaces can be booked through the Special Events page or are included for free as part of our Moon Goddess Collective Membership.

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So please come join us from the comfort of your own sacred space, as we workshop on Celebrating that which we have accomplished in our lives, Releasing what no longer serves us and Manifesting the life we always wanted to have.

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