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Hailing from my home state of South Australia the guys at All The Things have the art of cheese making pretty much perfected. Their Cruelty Free range of camembert and bries have the right amount of bite and tang and creaminess to not only compete with the real thing, but surpass it.

And in case you need another reason to go try one of these incredible delights, the founder Cherie Hausler is a wonderful advocate for farm animal rescues, providing sanctuary on her own property for farm animals as well as financial support for other sanctuaries and social justice charities. They also use 100% recyclable packaging including plant based inks and biodegradable cheese wraps.

All The Things is the perfect example of how a company can provide an ethical, sustainable product that is affordably priced.

So far I have tried the Vegan Ashed Cashew Camembert and the Vegan Truffle Cashew Brie.

The brie has a bold truffle taste that excites the palate and makes it hard to stop at just a small slice. Wanting to create a light lunch that celebrated this truffley goodness I sliced it thickly and stuffed into a baked potato. Sprinkled with chives and sorrel leaves and finished with some freshly ground black pepper and pink himalayan salt, the cheese was complimented without being overwhelmed in any way. Perfect served with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc such as from The Vegan Wine Project.

The Camembert was a mellower cheese with a strong mould rind which I loved and a creamy mushroom taste. Sliced into wedges and paired with some fresh seasonal berries, atop Beetroot Artisan Crackers from Valley Produce, the saltiness of the Camembert was perfectly complimented by the sweet, butterscotch tones of my Witches Fall Solera Muscat.

Both of these cheeses are exciting representatives of their style and whether served alone or on a cheeseboard would be well received by omnivores as well as vegans.

I purchased my cheeses from the wonderful team at The Green Edge Vegan Supermarket in Windsor, QLD but for a full range of stockists Australia wide click here: or you can order online through the All The Things website here:

All The Things Vegan Cashew Truffle Brie Cheese

All The Things Vegan Cashew Camembert Cheese Australia


All The Things Vegan Cashew Camembert Cheese Australia

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