Dilectio Blue ~ Vegan Cheese Review Australia

If you are looking for a blue cheese that is so delectable that even the most discerning fromage connoisseur will be impressed, you have to try Dilectio's Blue.

With rivers of blue mould meandering their way through the cashew cheese base, it is as visually enticing as it is delicious.

Made in a similar way to its dairy counterpart it is fermented and aged for up to 5 weeks. With its creamy palate and citrusy tang, it is achieves the ideal balance of sweet, salty and acidic and tastes exactly as I remember blue cheese tasting.

Similar in style to a Stilton, it is firmer then most of the plant based cheeses I have tried it holds it shape when sliced and retains it when heated in the airfyer, yet still melts in your mouth.

Dilectio Vegan Blue Cashew Cheese Australia

Perfect on a cheese platter or as the feature ingredient in a salad or baguette, the flavour elevates every dish to another level of taste sensation. It is also the ideal blue cheese to use in a simple Blue Cheese Salad Dressing or to add to a soup, you can also sub it in to my Stuffed Mushroom recipe instead of the Alba Black Truffle Cream!

This is our favourite everyday cheese and we love it slathered on a baguette, topped with some blueberries or slices or pear, a sprinkle of walnuts and a handful or leafy greens.

I purchased my cheeses from the wonderful team at The Green Edge Vegan Supermarket in Windsor, QLD but for a full range of stockists Australia wide click here: https://dilectio.com.au/shop/ or you can order online through the Dilectio website.

Dilectio Vegan Blue Cashew Cheese Australia

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Dilectio Vegan Blue Cashew Cheese Australia

Image by Lionel HESRY

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