Feta Fest - A Tale of Three Vegan Cheeses

Vegan cheeses are evolving. No longer are we being subjected to a weird tasting, plastic slice of yellow. We have options! Bries, Goats Cheese, Blues and many other styles are now not only readily available, but they actually taste better then their dairy based counterparts!

With so many different feta's around we decided to do a taste test of three different styles. One cultured from almonds, one from cashews and one from tofu.

All delicious, all unique.

We tried the feta's on their own first to get a full sensory overload before spreading them on bread and topping with some basil and fresh cherry tomatoes for the classic flavour combo.

We also used them in a few different recipes which we’ll share with you all soon!

The Contenders: Yay Marinated Feta, Fine Cultures Almond Feta and The Vegan Dairy Persian Feta.

The Contenders: Yay Marinated Feta, Fine Cultures Almond Feta and The Vegan Dairy Persian Feta.

Yay Marinated Feta with Rosemary & Garlic

I was a little apprehensive about trying this one as I had never experienced a “cheese” made from tofu before and to be honest it didn't really sound that appealing to me but it ended up being our fave of the fest!

Rosemary and garlic permeate this feta and make it so unbelievably delicious your taste buds will think they have died and gone to heaven.

The texture of this feta is kind of incredible. Firm enough to hold its shape making it perfect to cut up and add to salads or bruschetta's, yet it is also super creamy, spreadable and melts once it is in your mouth.

Yay Marinated Feta Vegan Plant Cheese

Vegan Dairy Persian Feta

Made with cashew nuts the smooth creaminess of this feta has to be tried to be believed. With its column style structure it holds its shape well while chilled and is perfect to cut into cubes and add to a salad or some avocado on toast.

The feta itself had the mildest taste of the three with the majority of the flavour coming from the herb infused oil, which is perfect for dipping bread into once the cheese is finished!

The best thing about this feta is its ease of access with lots of IGA’s across Australia stocking it.

The Vegan Dairy Persian Feta Plant Based Cashew Cheese

Fine Cultures Lemon & Dill Almond Feta

Made with almonds this feta has a chewy, nutty texture as opposed to the creaminess of the others but this is what makes it so exciting and moreish!

The lemony freshness hits you, immediately followed by a salty burst, while a lingering taste of dill adds an almost sweetness to the cheese.

Unlike anything I’ve ever tried before we decided to throw together a pasta dish based around it and it turned out incredible. I’ll post a link to the recipe below once we have photos as it was soooo good I can’t wait to share it with you!

Fine Cultures Lemon & Dill Almond Feta Plant Based Cashew Cheese

I purchased my cheeses from the wonderful team at The Green Edge Vegan Supermarket in Windsor, QLD but you can order online directly through the cheese makers websites.

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Bon Appétit!

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The Contenders: Yay Marinated Feta, Fine Cultures Almond Feta and The Vegan Dairy Persian Feta.

Image by Lionel HESRY

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