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Sometimes cheeses are love at first bite, with others its first site, and that is exactly the way I felt when I saw the sticky caramelised onion sitting atop the wedge of creamy Camembert from Fine Cultures.

Although relatively new to the Australian market, the creative force behind Fine Cultures Imber Lingard, cheesemaker extraordinaire is no stranger to the world of vegan cheeses. She originally began cultivating her own original range of cheese in Portland and her shop, Vtopian, was a huge success.

She is the epitome of quality over quantity with some unique styles on offer including a Lemon and Dill Almond feta I can't wait to try.

The Camembert has a consistency I can best describe as baked cheesecake at first but the longer you leave it out of the fridge, the more it warms up, becoming sticky and gooey, perfect for spreading on crackers and enjoying with a glass of rosé.

Alone the cheese has a slightly tangy neutral taste and the caramelised onion on top is soft and sweet without being overpowering.

We originally planned to only eat half but ended up devouring the whole wedge!

I purchased my cheeses from the wonderful team at The Green Edge Vegan Supermarket in Windsor, QLD but for a full range of stockists Australia wide click here: or you can order online through the Fine Cultures website here:

Fine Cultures Vegan Cashew Caramelised Onion Camembert Cheese Australia

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Fine Cultures Vegan Cashew Caramelised Onion Camembert Cheese Australia

Fine Cultures Vegan Cashew Caramelised Onion Camembert Cheese Australia

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