Yay Feta & Pine Nut Stuffed Pasta Dumplings

Dumplings are one of my fave Van life meals. They’re easy to prepare, can be made in an unlimited number of flavours and for those lazy days you can buy them ready made from the shops!

We first tried Yay Feta a few weeks ago for Feta Fest, since then we’ve gone through three jars, mainly slathered on bread or zoodles.... but I knew I wanted to use it in a filled pasta dish.

The creamy, rosemary infused cheese is extremely decadent, making it the perfect compliment to the sweet roasted pumpkin, caramelised onion and earthy richness of the sautéed spinach.

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Yay Marinated Feta & Pine nut Dumplings - Vegan Plant based Cheese

"I'm pretty lazy and the idea of making pasta from scratch didn't sound appealing, especially with limited space in the kitchen and so many more fun ways I could spend my extra time!"

Vegan Feta & Toasted Pinenut Pasta Dumplings

Serves: 2

The Ingredients

  • 1 Cup of Roasted Pumpkin - See tips below to make this super easy!

  • 1/2 Small Shallot or Brown Onion, chopped finely and left to caramelise in the pan

  • 1/2 a Cup of Sautéed Spinach lightly salted (I used the frozen spinach for convenience but you need half a cup of cooked spinach)

  • 1 and a 1/2 Tablespoons of Toasted Pine nuts

  • 1/2 a Cup of Yay Marinate Feta

  • 12 Dumpling Wrappers*

The Method – Could it get any simpler?

  1. Grab a medium mixing bowl and add a cup of the precooked roasted pumpkin, give it a mash.

  2. In a large cast iron pan add a splash of oil & sauté the diced shallot or onion on a low heat till it is sticky and sweet. Once cooked add to the mixing bowl.

  3. Use the same pan to quickly toast off the pine nuts till they are lightly browned and throw 3/4 of them into the bowl as well. Reserve some to sprinkle on top of the dumplings.

  4. Add the spinach to the pan with a pinch of salt and sauté, squeeze out the excess water and add this to the bowl as well.

  5. Once you have all the base ingredients gently combine and then add the star ingredient, 1cm pieces of Yay Feta!

  6. Lay out 6 dumpling rounds and place a generous tablespoon of mixture onto each one, you can add more feta here if you want to intensify the deliciousness!

  7. Wet the rim of the wrapper using your finger dipped in water then place another wrapper on top, pressing down firmly around the edges.

  8. To cook you can either place them gently in a pan of boiling water for around 5 minutes or my personal favourite is to use a bamboo steamer and steam for about 8 minutes or until the pastry has turned translucent.

  9. This makes the pastry al dente and satisfying to bite into!

  10. Drizzle the dumplings with some of the oil from the Yay Marinated Feta jar and sprinkle on the remaining pine nuts and some fresh basil if you have some.

  11. Enjoy!


When you need roasted pumpkin for a recipe take the whole pumpkin, cut it it in half, sprinkle with a little salt and pop it into the oven to bake. Once its cooked through and is all golden and gooey on top, allow to cool and then scoop the flesh out with a spoon. Its so easy and makes the pumpkin extra sweet.

Make it Incredible!

This dish is pretty amazing and doesn't need anything else, however we served ours on a plate of raw zoodles to up the veggie quotient :)

*If you're not a fan of dumpling wrappers home made pasta sheets works really well with this recipe as well for a more authentic Ravioli dish. Just cook in salted boiling water instead of the bamboo steamer.

As with all my recipes you can alter the quantities of everything to your own taste. this is not a sponsored post, any products mentioned are used because I LOVE them!

I purchase my Yay Feta from my local IGA but you can also get yours online direct from the mazing team here at Yay Foods here: www.yayfoods.com.au

Bon Appétit!

💕Lia xoxo

Yay Marinated Feta & Pine nut Dumplings - Vegan Plant based Cheese
Yay Marinated Feta & Pine nut Dumplings - Vegan Plant based Cheese
Yay Marinated Feta & Pine nut Dumplings - Vegan Plant based Cheese
Yay Marinated Feta & Pine nut Dumplings - Vegan Plant based Cheese

Image by Lionel HESRY

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